For PT Owners 

Get TMR Seminars for your clinical staff at 78% off.

Create Consistency & Improve Patient Experience

Quality of care largely depends on the roadmap provided to your therapists, who in turn provide it to their patients. This removes the confusion that creates cancels and no shows.

7 Step Recipe That Guides Every Session 

Instantly build a framework the entire staff can get behind. A culture that allows each person to thrive as an individual and as a member of the team.  Able to be used with any technique your staff currently uses.

Discover How Good Motions Improve The Injured Areas Faster

If you've never fixed a painful area without treating anywhere close to the injured region, you are in for an awakening.  Total Motion Release will provide you with 7 times more solutions that work immediately. 

Make All Staff Able To Treat Any VIP

If a VIP walked into your office would you select a specific therapist to treat them or are you comfortable with the skillset of ALL your clinical staff?  

Our Daily Note Streamlines Paperwork

The TMR daily note was strategically designed to communicate with the entire healthcare team with every 2 sets of treatment.  It's the most thorough & streamlined note in our profession.

Here Is What's Included In The Clinical Staff Training Package

Special Discount Ends 12/31/2021

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  • ​Includes Total Motion Release Level 1, 2 & 3 for 10 Clinicians. Only $7,000 $5,000   (regular price is $17,850). Use the 10 spots as you need them to train future hires (never expires)

  • Or Purchase TMR Level 1 Only for 10 Clinicians.  Only $4,000 (the regular price is $5970) Use the 10 spots as you need them to train future hires (never expires)

  • Each Seminar Level is 16 credit hours each for a total of 48 credit hours per staff member. And each seminar can be taken twice for a total of 96 credit hours. That will save you for over 6 years of continuing education.

  • Approved for PTs, PTAs, DCs, ATs, OTs, OTAs, and MTs

  • ​Take as a live online seminar (Sat & Sun offered every month) or home study at your own pace

  • ​The Live Online Seminars count as live credit for all professions, but MTs.

2 Additional Recorded Web Classes Will Be Provided To Your Staff For Even More Awesome Results

  • ​TMR Manual Therapy Training. This is a quick manual therapy method that revolutionizes the speed of results for all those who prefer to use manual therapy as their go-to treatment method. It's so simple a patient can get their kids to do it on them with awesome results.

  • ​TMR Spine Training - Tom shows you how to TMR the Mckenzie (TM) Method & William's Flexion for Back Pain for 5 x's the results.  It's crazy cool to see how effective TMR'ing these 2 methods can be.

Have a Question - text Tom at 919-749-2106 anytime with your questions and he will answer them by text or call you. And yes that is his personal cell and loves to help!


Before we go any further, could you or your staff improve jaw & neck pain using a left ankle motion?  Or improve right knee pain doing mobs to the left shoulder?

TMR Training exposes the hidden secrets of how to use the easy directions of motion and the non-injured areas of the body to get faster results. Currently therapists only use 1/8th of the body and TMR opens up the other 7/8th's for much faster results. 

This will get your staff confident they can make a major improvement on the 1st visit to get a much better buy in from the patient.

  • Improves manual therapy & corrective exercise results up to 7 fold

  • Currently used in all therapy settings 

  • Awesome for telehealth

  • ​Can be done 1 on 1 or one to many

  • ​Can easily be used to create additional revenue streams