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Dear Clinician,

A few minutes from now you may experience the "magic" of... 

Using what we call the yummy motions of the body... 

To get immediate results on the injured areas.

Like Jen, who sprained an ankle just hours before this video

Or liz, a physical therapist, who had a weird eye issue after an auto accident

Or Jeff, a spine surgeon, who had severe restriction & pain with flexion & extension

Hi, my name is tom dalonzo-baker

They call me the TMR Guy.

Before I tell you about the Total Motion Release (TMR) Training Class...

I'd like to tell you a story.  About how I "failed" at helping a patient...

And how that failure forced me to try  something radically different to get a result.

About 20 years ago, a 68 year old lady came in to my clinic in Raleigh, NC...

I remember it like it was yesterday.

It was the spring of 2002.

I had been struggling with helping this lady who wanted to be able to dance at her ONLY daughters wedding. And it was less than 2 weeks away. 

She was a mess!

She had severe back pain. She couldn't reach down to touch her knees or extend backwards more than a few inches. She had 3 vertebra that where rotated and tender to palpation; couldn't raise her left arm beyond shoulder height; couldn't get out of the chair without pushing off the arm rests and hadn't taken a step up a stair leading with her right foot in 3 years.

Sure she was improving... but not much or enough to enjoy the Big Day.   

After trying countless techniques like...

--> Mckenzie extension & lateral shift exercises
--> Manipulation to her spine
--> Counterstrain
--> Mulligan Snags & Nags
--> Myofascial Release
--> Mobilizations

I needed to figure out what was going to work for this lady.

So, as I lay in bed late one night...

Losing sleep over how to help her

And an idea hit me like a ton of bricks,

"Move Into What Works To Fix What Doesn't Work."

But why wasn't anyone else doing this as a regular routine?

It made sense to me.  

Do what the body liked to do, instead of what it didn't like to do. 

I ran downstairs and flipped on the light to my basement studio where I liked to work out.

For years I had left SI & left shoulder issues.  Significantly restricted for at least 10 years. I was the perfect candidate to test this on. 

I began testing myself left side versus right side. 

I was looking for where I was out of symmetry.

I tested my neck, arms, trunk, hips & legs. 

I tested in standing, sitting, kneeling, on all 4's, on my belly, back and in side lying.  

Instead of going into what didn't work... I exercised only into the directions my body liked and I tracked what this did to my motions that were painful and restricted.

The crazy thing was my good leg motions fixed my shoulder issues and good arm motions changed my SI issue.  What???

By the time I stopped it was almost 2 am.

I was exhausted yet my body felt more flexible and stronger than it ever had and I couldn't find any pain or restriction in my left shoulder & SI joint.

I told myself, this wouldn't mean anything unless it lasted for me & I could use it to help this lady.

When I woke up a few hours later and checked, what were the bad motions, I still felt awesome.

I couldn't wait to get to the clinic because this lady was the first one on my schedule. 

I was all smiles when I walked in.  

I wanted to keep it as simple as possible for this lady and I wanted to see if just one exercise could change all her symptoms. And if not one, then how few did I need to make a change.

I put a 8 inch step next to one of my walls in my office and asked her to test left side versus right side.  

Going up the step, leading with the left leg was easy. Doing the same on the right was impossible. 

She just couldn't place weight on it and swing her left leg up.  

I said... "do you trust me?"

She was a sweet lady and gave me a little smile and said sure.  

I had her do 3 sets of 15 reps on the good left leg.  

When she finished I asked her to retest her right leg step up.  

When she did she went up the step so fast she hit the wall I had put the step near.

We both laughed and she said what was that?

I told her I was calling it Total Motion Release (TMR).

What was cool is I had her retest her back flexion and she could touch her ankles. She bent back without pain. Her left arm was able to raise up to her ear and she could now get out of her chair without pushing off the arm rest.  I sent her home with just that one exercise. To my delight she came back 3 days later feeling better than she had in years.

I used TMR the rest of the day. 

A lady who was wearing a boot had severe plantar fasciitis for the past 3 months and had just ended 3 weeks of therapy with a friend of mine who was the premiere plantar fasciitis therapists in our area. We tested motions in her whole body. The biggest restriction was in her left shoulder. We exercised for 6 sets to the good direction of motion in her right shoulder and she took the boot off and walked without pain.   

The coolest one that day was an anterior disc derangement (bulge) that came in leaning way back.  This type of disc problem only a few therapists see this in their career. It is rare. It was a Monday and she was headed for surgery on Friday.  Just testing her body left side versus right side and treating into 2 good sided motions we got her 90% and she cancelled her surgery.  

By the end of the day I had done this on a total of 9 patients and was starting to observe cool patterns.

Total Motion Release (TMR) was born. 

I've spent almost 20 years perfecting the Total Motion Release formula for myself, my patients and my students...

  • How to find that one exercise that will "wow" the patient on the 1st visit 
  • How to get patients to willingly complete their entire plan of care
  • ​How to use it effectively in all setting of rehab for stellar results 
  • How to overcome the most common objections by patients
  • ​How to prove the results last long term, and most importantly
  • ​How to condense all of this into 7 simple steps



A 90-minute deep dive on how to use the easy motions of the body and the non-injured areas of the body for immediate results.

Whether you have been out 30 years or are a new graduate...

Or are an expert in multiple techniques...

Whether you are in orthopedics, pediatrics, women's health, athletics, neuro or massage therapy...

I put this web class together for 1 purpose:

By the end of the training, you will be able to get immediate results on patients using areas of the body you never knew were possible to use.

Do it on your patients - old, young, post op or preventative...

And get immediate "wow" results on the 1st visit.

"you Literally Delivered A 
$1,000 Seminar for $100"

"I'd never heard anyone explain it that way before."

"Thanks for putting so much in."


If i only taught you the first step in the 
total motion release formula...

This web class pays for itself 1724 times over...

But you're getting so much more than just the first step.

In fact, I'm so confident the content of this web class will be...

A game-changer for your practice...

That I'm going to give you the entire Total Motion Release Formula FOR... FREE.

But first, let me give you some context.

Before you can use the TMR Formula to it's full potential... 

You must understand that...


This is the number one reason I struggled & stressed myself out so much prior to the TMR Formula.

I was over-treating my patients to the injured areas. 

I was using what was broken to try to fix what was broken.

This was wasting their time and mine... and neither of us knew there was a different way.

I paid thousands of $$ taking seminars that suffered from the same "injured area" thinking. 

97% of the seminars teach this mantra.

Once I understood what my patient's body really wanted...

And proved it to them via the Total Motion Release Formula...

Patients got better faster.

2 1/2 times more patients finished their entire plan of care.

And so many patients came back the next session telling stories of how they fixed another painful area and even some even helped a family member get out of pain.

How crazy is that?

And it works wonders for telehealth.

All because of one simple change:  

"I Stopped Doing What Everyone Else Was Doing."

You see, the biggest problem rehab professionals face...

The thing that's slamming the brakes on their consistent results...

Is "too much treating to the injured area and too much treating into the motions that move poorly."

And I don't blame them.

That's what they are taught in school and what is reinforced in 97% of seminars.

And while that works in a limited number of situations...

Like when a motion is restricted or painful because of a venous or lymphatic flow is restricted...

It's NOT the best way to help a body heal.


The way I prefer to do it... And it's far more effective... Is...


Cut through all the BS and...


  • Start testing the entire body prior to treating anything
  • Start treatment in the good areas of the body and into directions of motion that feel good.
  • Start re-testing every 2-3 sets and find out if what you are doing is actually working.
  • ​Start letting them think & do for themselves
  • ​Stop using many techniques to try to help and instead use the essential few.
  • Stop doing all the work & thinking for them and teach them the TMR formula
  • ​Stop talking & explaining so much... prove it works quickly

Forget everything you thought you knew about pain relief...

In fact, stop treating the injured area for a while (give it a try)

Yummy motions first.

That's your only focus.


Prove everything you are attempting to show them how to do on themselves works in 2-3 sets or stop using it on them.

Provide clear steps on what to do if they get better, plateau or get worse.  Make them understand in 1-2 sentences at most...

Find a way to save them time.

The time component is a must.

Because remember, your best patients value time over money.

Show THEM they can get RESULTS on THEMSELVES... a whole lot easier than they think.

And here's exactly what that looks like...

The Fast Start TMR Formula

This is just a framework.

You can choose lots of motions that move well to treat with.


The patient has pain rotating to the right.

You can choose a motion that moves well in the legs...

Or in the trunk, Or in the arms.

That's it.

It looks like nothing. 

But there is a lot of work that goes into it.

Now you could stop reading right now...

And go and try out the TMR concept yourself.

There is a strong possibility you would get results.

Even though I've barely given you 1% of what's in the TMR Formula Web Class.


Go through the entire training...


  • Orthopedic Conditions... spine, neck, jaw, shoulders, arms, elbows, hands, hips, knees, feet, ankles & post surgical 
  • Neurological Conditions... cerebral palsy, strokes, parkinsons, MS, rett syndrome, to name just a few.
  • Acute Care, Skilled Nursing, Brain Trauma: any setting of rehab

Even if you are a new grad or been out for 30+ years and taken every other class.

The TMR Formula will work, and continue to work for your entire career.

In fact, I am so confident it will work for you that...
Go through the entire training...



Go through the entire online class...

Implement the TMR Formula immediately on yourself and then on your patients.


Even if you are a new grad or been out for 30+ years and taken every other class.

The TMR Formula will work, and continue to work for your entire career.


What settings does Total Motion Release work in?
We have therapists using TMR in every setting of rehab and TMR works great in each.  From Telehealth, to orthopedic, neurological, pediatrics, acute care, skilled nursing & home health.  The reason is is this is not a technique it is a methodology that can stand alone or be used to enhance results for any technique that is currently in rehab.
How effective is TMR for telehealth?
Yes. It is one of the best methods for getting results online even with complex conditions.  I've been in the online world for over 15 years. You can see lots of proof videos of it working above, on a website (, and on youtube (search total motion release).
I'm a new grad... would this be good for me to take?
Yes. Total Motion Release should be one of the first things taught in our training because every technique can build off of it.  It gives you a solid foundation of the scientific method that can be applied clinically.
How soon should I expect to be able to get results on my patients if I purchase the TMR web class?
Absolutely. I am going to teach you a formula that you will do on yourself during the web class and see it being done on everyone who attends.  This same formula you can turn around and use it on your patients, family and friends immediately with some pretty cool results. 

I've invested in so many courses and web classes before that didn't work. How is yours any different?
By now I hope this page with the videos and stories have shown you how it is different. If not go to youtube and search for Total Motion Release or go to our website  And don't forget, I insist that you email me if you don't get everything you want out of the course.