If you want or need continuing education credits you can receive 2.0 credit hours participating in our
recorded "Clinicians Heal Thy Self" Webinar.

I take 20+ therapists and show them how to fix themselves. The average improvement was over 70%.  Way cool to see. This webinar also gives you an insider view of how TMR is used for treating people online and getting awesome results on the first visit.

TMR e-Books Only
Only e-Books
One Time Fee
  • Outsmart Pain e-Book - The original book that is a step by step guide how to guide of TMR
  • The Science Behind Quick Pain Relief - A detailed understanding of the TMR science
  • Easy Motions For Seasons - Written by a senior for a senior looking for pain free relief
  • Access rights to give out to your patients 
Web Class Only
Only 2.0 CEU'S
One Time Fee
  • Receive 2.0 Continuing Ed Hours Certificate For Attending the Webinar
  • Approved for PT&PTA, OT&OTA, LMTs & ATs
The TMR e-Books & Web Class
Both e-books & webinar package
One Time Fee
  • Receive 2.0 Continuing Ed Hours Certificate For Attending the Webinar
    Approved for PT&PTA, OT&OTA, LMTs & ATs
  • All 3 of the TMR e-Books
    How To 5X's Results of Mckenzie Method
This Bonus Is Included In The $47 Package

I take the McKenzie Method and show you how to enhance it using Total Motion Release. It is amazing to see how well it works and provides you so many more solutions for back pain! And you get to try it on yourself and watch it being performed on 4 other people.  It's LEGENDARY :-)

I've offered a really cool monthly web classes since December 2015. 

Our biggest to date was 91 therapists. 

We average 30+ in attendance each month.  

Over 4,000 clinicians have attended and their average improvement is way over 50%. 

I recorded one of these web classes and you can now get continuing education credits at the same time you make yourself better.    

During this web class you'll watch 36 of your fellow rehab professionals achieve over a 50% improvement with just 10 minutes of instruction and about 4-6 minutes of actual "treatment."  

You'll be shown to do the same on yourself.

The improvement during this recorded web class was over 70%.  It was way cool!

And yes, these results are typical for over 90% of clinicians who attend our web classes.

If this additional training sounds intriguing to you, then I hope I can make you an irresistible offer to purchase it right now.  

It is worth 2.0 continuing education credits. And I can even provide you 1.0 continuing education credits for the FREE TMR Mini-Training you have already enrolled for.

How does that sound?

Here is the irresistible offer:

If you purchase the TMR Web Class below, watch it and do the steps asked and you don't get at least 50% improvement I will refund your purchase price and still send you your Continuing Education certificates, one for 2.0 CE credits and one for 1.0 CE Credits.


Please click here to see our approvals to make sure your profession is covered (most are).  

Below I have also included the ability for you to get our e-books included with your purchase.



PS: I included a third webinar where I show you how to incorporate the TMR concept into the Mckenzie Press Up and improve the results 5 times.  
What Clinicians & General Public Are Saying:
This stuff works.  I am able to confidently charge $250 an hour in my cash based clinic and guarantee improvement because of TMR. I have a website: sciaticareliefnow.net and a book by the same name.  I found TMR after being a PT for nearly 17 years and this changed everything I thought I knew about pain relief.  It has revolutionized the way I treat. Thank you Tom!
- Dean Volk, PT
To say TMR has been life changing for me is an understatement. I am so glad I decided to implement this because now my entire staff is using it. I wake up every morning so excited not only to treat patients but to show it to referral sources. Heck we even got to be the PT for our local Arena football team because of showing a few of the players TMR. If you are an owner I could not recommend this more. 
- Beth Bone, PT
I was skeptical my staff wouldn’t like this. I must have talked to Tom 4 times telling him why this won’t work in my clinic. To my surprise after my staff completed the level 1 seminar I saw them starting to implement it. Now almost a month later my entire staff is using it. And it took little to no intervention on my part. And this is only the beginning. 
- Blayne Liparoto, PT 
"This is the real deal. You can use it right away to improve your outcomes. It is better than stuff I've paid thousands of dollars for."
- Jen Morlock, PT
I was planning on giving this 5 minutes ... I ended up taking all the seminars! This concept/methodology is the most practical I've come across in years. So much so I am now doing research on it."
- Ross Querry, PhD, PT Professor
"Absolutely blown away! It's INCREDIBLE having these exercises ready for me to use at will... thanks so so much!"
- Dan Garr, PT
As the author of several health books I am always looking for treatments that work & work quickly.  It was an added bonus that I entirely learned how to fix myself.  I've used this on back pain (twice), shoulder restriction and even knee pain.  And each time I was able to get back to normal in just a few do-it-yourself sessions.  Way cool! 
- Howard Jacobson. 
Author & Wellness Coach
I had a really weird gut pain going on.  My son had severe back pain for about 2 months and our friend had neck & shoulder issues.  In one 20 minute session around a pool, Tom showed us what to do to relieve our own pain.  Each one of us walked away pain free. I was blown away. I showed a friend who couldn't lift her shoulder up and with one motion she got full range. This stuff is unreal.
- Karen Scott. General Public
I am an ultramarathoner and had severe knee pain that stopped me from running.  I was starting to get depressed because it had been months since I had run.  My buddy Howard hooked me up with Tom and in one session my knee pain was reduced 90%. I fixed the rest all by myself.  As an ultra athlete TMR keeps me in the game. I love this stuff.
Josh Lajuanie, Ultramarathoner