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Spine Surgeon with Severe Back Pain
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What is Total Motion Release?
Total Motion Release (TMR) is the first methodology clinicians should master.  It is the scientific method applied 100% and underlies all evidence or clinically based practice.  It is comprehensive and can be used to enhance any manual technique or as a corrective exercise to give the skill of treating over to the patient. A clinician who applies the TMR principles will create results up to 7 times faster and longer lasting with any technique they use.

With TMR quick results can be achieved using 100% of the body, instead of just the area of injury... even areas you wouldn't expect to traditionally use. You'll be able to use lower extremities to fix upper extremities, upper extremities to fix lower extremities.  Opposite sides to fix injured sides.  The left side to fix the right side, top of the body to fix the bottom of the body. The coolest secret you will find with Total Motion Release is movements that are easy or feel good anywhere in the body can be used to fix injured or painful motions.  

A right knee that hurts to walk up steps can be made pain free by doing step ups on the left leg or doing wall push ups with the right arm. A right shoulder joint that is restricted into an anterior/posterior direction can be made better mobilizing into the easiest direction of motion on the injured side.  Or it can be made better by mobilizing the left shoulder or the hips.  

This may sounds crazy... until you experience it again and again and again.  When you do... you'll want to bring back patients who failed to try it on them too. Total Motion Release is the scientific method as it should be applied.  Check out this video. It shows you the mistake almost 95% of clinicians are making with their patients.

The ultimate purpose of TMR is to give the patient the ability to fix themselves faster than 90% of clinicians can.
How Does TMR Work?Tissue Can Shorten Or Lengthen
How Does TMR Work?
Joints Can Go Into Ease Or Restriction
How Long 
TMR Last?
95% Of Clinicians 
Are Making 
This Mistake
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How does something that looks so weird work so well and why have I never heard or seen it till now?
It might seem odd to see the results of TMR in action. It seems weird because the injured area has incorrectly been the main focus of our training and our culture.  The top of this website asked the question... out of 100 clinicians how many start treatment on the injured right knee? 

In every seminar I teach the answer is resoundingly 90-100%.  

If you ask 100 patients who walk in with right knee pain what area they expect treated they never say their left knee.

They don't realize that not only is the left leg a great option but the trunk and upper extremities are too and not treating these maybe what is causing them to still be in pain.  Most chronic pain is caused from knowing how to treat these areas effectively.

How did I engage in such a thought so different from my peers, my upbringing and my training? 

I became aware of an arbitrary that has gone unnoticed when observing the motion of the body when it is injured. 

An arbitrary is something that everybody takes for granted. It is forgotten as a variable and thus not thought of when making a decision.  Most new discoveries are not discoveries, but just the observation of and then removal of an arbitrary. 

Let me explain.  

If a deer sprains its back right leg... what does it do with that injured leg?

It weight bears less on it...correct?  

What is happening to the other 3 legs? 

More weight bearing... right?

What then is causing the back right leg to heal?  

And no I am not asking for a scientific dissertation as an answer.  Just tell me what is causing it to heal based on what is observed?

Every time I ask this question in class the answer comes back something similar to...resting the back right leg.
Was that your answer too?

Here in lies the arbitrary.  I have never had a single clinician say... resting the back right leg AND weight bearing more on the other three.

Even though a few paragraphs back you answered what was happening to the injured leg AND what was happening to the other three legs. For some reason the three legs just disappeared in the equation of healing.

Did you see that?

Weird aye?

The arbitrary it is 'just not seen'... it disappears and what we are left with is an entire healthcare industry focusing on exactly what they see... the injured area.  

The cool thing is tests and experiments can be set up to determine if putting even more weight on the non-injured extremities can heal the injured extremity quicker. And it does! 

It is really cool when you know which one of the other three extremities to choose to fix a injured right knee. I hope one day knowing how to do this will be the norm rather than the exception.

If you click on one of the red buttons at the top of the webpage I discuss this in more detail in the Free Video.

Seeing the other three extremities (quadrants) as part of a solution alters the choices you now have to help patients that have failed your treatment in the past.   

Experts who have been out 30+ years are fascinated yet often embarrassed they never 'saw' this simplicity before.

I hope you will join me in learning something no one else is teaching. This is not re-packaged material you have seen elsewhere. 

See you on the inside!

"The purpose of life is to find your gift. The meaning of life is to give it away." 
Check Out What Clinicians Are Saying About 
Total Motion Release .....
Jennifer Morlock, PT

"This is the real deal. You can use it right away to improve your outcomes. It is better than stuff I've paid thousands of dollars for."
Dan Garr, PT

"Absolutely blown away! It's INCREDIBLE having these exercises ready for me to use at will... thanks so so much!"
Kris Decant, PT
"The webinar helped me get rid of knee pain I had for the last 6 months from a biking injury. I also used 'easy motions' on one of my senior patients right after watching the webinar. . . she had knee pain too. She got 80% better in less than 10 minutes. Wow is all I can say!"
Ross Querry, PT, Phd
"I was planning on giving this 5 minutes ... I ended up taking all the seminars! This concept/methodology is the most practical I've come across in years. So much so I am now doing research on it."
Here Are Just Some Of The Recent Results We've Gotten For Owners & Their Staff:

Blayne Liparoto, PT, CPAVE, CWcHP

I was skeptical my staff wouldn’t like this. I must have talked to Tom 4 times telling him why this won’t work in my clinic. To my surprise after my staff completed the level 1 seminar I saw them starting to implement it. Now almost a month later my entire staff is using it. And it took little to no intervention on my part. And this is only the beginning. 

Bill Jones, PT

25 years as what I consider a excellent manual therapist with a very specialized technique that only 40 people in the country were proficient at... and then Tom came along and changed my entire practice philosophy. Over a 2 year period of time I went from total hands on and having to spend hours and hours helping a patient that I can now get those same results often times in minutes. I brought Tom to our practice to implement this to my entire staff. Awesome stuff.

Beth Bone, PT

To say TMR has been life changing for me is an understatement. I am so glad I decided to implement this because now my entire staff is using it. I wake up every morning so excited not only to treat patients but to show it to referral sources. Heck we even got to be the PT for our local Arena football team because of showing a few of the players TMR. If you are an owner I could not recommend this more. 

Ken Copes, PT

Took Tom's seminars years ago. Finally decided to more fully implement it into my practice. My entire staff now does TMR on every patient. Tom recently took the time to 're-evaluate' our process and again I am stunned by the level of improvement he set into motion. He is the real deal and unbelievable how he keeps me on my toes to better ways to implement.

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About Tom Dalonzo-Baker
Tom started his first private practice 5 months out of college.  Within a year he had established 2 other clinics in North Carolina.

For over 15 years now Tom has shared the Total Motion Release (TMR) Method to over 4,000 clinicians around the world.  

TMR was created to help clinicians provide a 1st of it's kind, patient driven, quick full body assessment & treatment system.

Our TMR Online Platform is the tool that makes this all possible.  Total Motion Release is also the first of it's kind TelePT Platform.  

Tom resides in Raleigh, NC with his wife Sarah and their 6 children (Amelia, Thomas, Anna Claire, Titus, Lindley Rose & Sadie.
Call (919) 749-2106... you can text there too.
email: totalmotion@gmail.com
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