Pain Relief That Defies Logic
I Can Practically Guarantee Your Pain Or Issue Will Improve During This 2 Hour Training.
It doesn't matter if you've had pain for 20 years, a failed surgery or tried 7 other things to get better.. this lesson still has an 87.5% chance of working. That number is not made up. You'll learn the exact reason it is that %.
That's a bold statement. 

The improvement you'll experience during this training won't initially make sense. Much like the video you just saw that sparked your interest in clicking the button to learn more.

You'll think to yourself... 'How can something so simple make such big changes?'

You are about to learn, not just secrets, but an easy strategy that most physical therapists, athletic trainers, doctors, chiropractors, massage therapists and rehab professionals will never know about the simplicity of pain relief.  

With just a bit of instruction and a couple of short online videos, if you are like our other students, your initial online lesson will shock you with the amount of improvement YOU achieve on yourself.

Clinicians just like you have been using this method for over 18 years now to fix their own pain and massively change patient results.

Total Motion Release is a tool that will make you faster at relieving pain than 95% of rehab professional out there. 

For the rest of your career you can use what you learn on any muscle pain, joint pain or restriction to improve it.

Try it online right now.  

First, you'll watch a few videos of how this has worked on others like yourself (proof that it works... even on a spine surgeon with severe back pain.) 

Then you'll find out how & why it works and how long it lasts.  

After that, with a few instructions you'll try it and see if it works on your pain.  Then try it on your patients.

If it works, I hope you'll make the small investment to learn our 4 step formula that shows YOU how to fix YOU & how to use it immediately on your patients. It includes a BOLD 70% improvement guarantee. If you do the work during this training and it does't work, then we don't want you to have to pay. It's only $40 and you get 2.0 Continuing Education Credits.

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Tom (the founder) & his family
Look forward to seeing you on the inside.

Expect the Best,

Tom Dalonzo-Baker
Physical Therapist
Founder of Total Motion Release
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