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There are 4 lessons. The exact same I have taught to my patients for the last 20 years.  In the first lesson, you will learn the 6 foundational exercises, the 7-step recipe for pain relief that lets you know exactly what to do if your issue gets better, plateaus, or gets worse, and how to track your progress on our form. 

The 2nd & 3rd lesson show how to add another dimension of motion to the 6 core exercises to get a deeper improvement that is longer lasting and speeds up results. And the last lesson shows how what you are doing in life may be causing your issues to return & what to do about this.

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Pain Relief You Can Do On Yourself

Pain relief doesn't have to be complex.  With the help of these instant, short and clear lessons 
you will be able to get faster & longer lasting results on any ache or pain anywhere in your body.  Learn it once. Use it for a lifetime!


  • Preschool
  • Grade 1a (FAB 6 in neutral)
  • Grade 1b (FAB 6 in rotate in)
  • Grade 1c (FAB 6 in rotate out)
  • Life Skills

Video Instructions & Tips

Work At Your Own Pace

Follow Simple Rules  

Ask Questions 

30 Day Money Back Guarantee - if you do the work, turn it in and you don't see results then we will refund your money.

Fast & Simple To Use

TMR4Life Package is crazy fast and easy to use. You will be testing & treating yourself in a matter of minutes.  

Instructions are provided in 2-3 minute videos and then you spend time practicing on yourself.

The online format is easy to understand and simple to move around.  


Do You Really Know Why You Can't Get Rid Of Your Pain?

Most People Still Think Treating The Area Of Injury Is The Best Way To Go. Even Worse, Thinking This Way Can Prevent You From Getting Better ! 

Wasted Effort-Not knowing how to test & treat areas in the body that are out of symmetry makes it impossible to get fast results that stay gone forever.

Huge Time Sink-This leads to problems like wasted visits, lost time from work, and other issues in your body that could have been prevented.

Health Care Costs-With cost of healthcare going up its critical to become more efficient and find ways to help you be able to fix yourself.

TMR4Life PACKAGE Shows You Where Your Body Is Out Of Symmetry & How To Fix It In Minutes

Our forms will show you when you are doing a good job and when you need help. Set goals, see progress and watch yourself grow into a do-it-yourself pain reliever.

Make informed decisions and be in control of of your future wellness

Our specifically designed exercise & rule sheets help you analyze, problem solve and know what to do when your results slow down, stop or get worse without the confusion or worry that you might hurt yourself.

Discover what treatments are working & which ones are not, predict how likely you are to get injured and confidently be in control of the future wellness of your body.

We've helped thousands of patients and heard the same story over and over. They didn't know they could get fast pain relief on themselves NOT treating the area of injury & then use the same simple system on any ache or pain.

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The System Works.

What is your time worth to you?

"I finished the lessons & have fixed 2 of my own injuries. 

And I helped fix my friend's painful shoulder. That was so cool."

Sandy Louder

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