TMR Certification (TMRc)
(you can earn that much & more during the certification)
What Is Required To Get TMR Certified?
  •  TMR Level 1, 2 & 3: Must have completed all 3 TMR levels.
  •  TMR Advanced Academy Member - this is the $100 a year program to keep you fluent in TMR. Must continue to maintain your TMRc status.
  •  Take 20 Patients Through Grade 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 of TMR Intro Package: A TMR Form must be turned in for each grade filled out by them.  Their first name & phone number so I can text them must be included.  These grades are FAB 6 in neutral, rotate in, rotate out, nifty nine and life skills.  
  •  Present one TMR workshop/webinar to a group of people (10 or more).  I have a template for the webinar/workshop
What Else Do I Have Access To?
and how do I make a bit of $$?
  •  Full Access To TMR Level 1 For Entire Year: able to use at your clinic.
  • Full Access to TMR Intro Package & Able to Sell To Your Patients For $297 And Keep All The Income.
If You Are Serious About Being Certified?
shoot me a text at (919) 749-2106 and I will fill you in on the entire process.
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