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Should I take the Live Online or Home Study?
What's the Difference? 
Feel free to mix & match Live Online & Home Study
If you need Live CE credit then you must take the Live Online Seminar on Saturday and Sunday.  If you are not required to have Live CE Credit feel free to choose either the home study or the Live Online or mix & match.  
Our Live Online Seminars Count As Live Continuing Education Credit Or Take As A Home Study

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How The Live Online Works!
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Approved for PTs, PTAs, ATs, OTs, OTAs & MTs
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I prefer Live Seminars 
Most of my students use to feel the same way when I had Live Seminars.  When they would come to the class I would hand them an Ipad with the TMR platform on it. Afterwards they loved the course and yet would say... "heck I can do the level 2 & 3 at home just as easy."  And I would say..."that is what I have been trying to tell you."  The system rocks and you get a 30 day money back guarantee if you don''t like it. No questions asked.  I care about you learning it... and if the Live Online or Home Study just doesn't work for you ask for your money back.
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Can I Get Continuing Education Credit For These Seminars? 
Yes you can. We are approved by just about every board for PTs, PTAs, ATs, OTs, OTAs, LMTs.  Click the button below to see our approvals. Please note LMTs cannot receive Home Study credit and they cannot receive LIVE credit. They can only receive Live Online Credit if they attend Sat & Sun.
If I bought the All 3 package how long do I have to take the seminars? 
The time to take all 3 classes can be spaced out without a time limit of when you can take them or take them all immediately to get all the knowledge to help your patients.  So if you want to space them out over 10 years you can do that.
How Many Credit Hours Do I Earn From Each Course ?
Each TMR Seminar is worth 16 credit hours.  
Can the LIVE Online Seminars be counted as if I am attending a LIVE Seminar?
YES – because you are connected to the instructor LIVE at anytime. You are able to see the instructor via a webcam and can chat with him. You will be getting immediate LIVE feedback on every form you fill out. If you attend the entire seminar and do the homework at the allotted time during the seminar and turn it in by the end of the 2nd day then you will receive Live Seminar credit. MASSAGE THERAPISTS can only get Live Online credit and NOT Live Credit (they also cannot take seminars as a home study only live online on Sat/Sun).
What If My Internet Is Too Slow ?
99% of internet users have fast enough speed. However, if you are one of the unfortunate ones I will happily refund your money within 30 days.  
Will This Work On My Tablet Or Smartphone ?
Yes it will. We recommend a computer, laptop or tablet over a smartphone though. Just make sure you have access to a printer.
Most Online Classes are Boring - How is this One Different ?
You are not kidding. Most online classes are 90% lecture and 10% testing. You sit for hours. Yuck! With our Live online or home study seminars we use what is called a blended learning format. Instructions, Practice, Immediate Feedback & Review. You will be given a 2-3 minute video of instructions of what to do and then you will practice. Then go to the next step with a 2-3 minute video and then practice. You will be moving 80% of the time and get amazing improvements in your own body.
Do You Have Any Research On TMR ?
Yes. Click on Research at the top of the page (above the logo) or click button below.
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Quick Summary Of All 3 TMR Levels
  • Level 1- Includes 10 lessons (Grades). Teaches the fundamentals of resetting a patients symmetry of motion throughout the entire body. Patient is able to reduce pain in 80% of instances it will occur during their lifetime
  • Level 2- Includes 8 lessons moving the patient through all 7 body positions and into 2 dimensions of motion. Patient gets faster at fixing themselves. Typically 2-5 minutes. You will also learn combos, plyometrics, transitions and how to become ambidextrous
  • Level 3- Includes 9 lesson and puts the icing on the cake. Addresses 360 degrees of motion during both static and dynamic motions. Patient is in control of their pain and no longer anxious about future injuries. Learn how to eliminate trigger points, reduce an up-regulated autonomic nervous system and how to easily convince MDs and co-workers the benefits of TMR.