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Contact us at totalmotion@gmail.com or text 919-749-2106

 Have Questions?

Contact us at totalmotion@gmail.com or text 919-749-2106

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 TMR Level 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, or 7

 16 credit hours for each seminar
 Able to take seminar(s) twice. Anytime in the future. Time limit doesn't expire
 Count as live credit for live online seminars for all but MTs
Take Live Online or As Home Study
 This stuff works. I am able to confidently charge $250 an hour in my cash based clinic and guarantee improvement because of TMR. I have a website: sciaticareliefnow.net and a book by the same name. I found TMR after being a PT for nearly 17 years and this changed everything I thought I knew about pain relief. It has revolutionized the way I treat. Thank you Tom!

— Dean Volk PT, Practice Owner

 To say TMR has been life changing for me is an understatement. I am so glad I decided to implement this because now my entire staff is using it. I wake up every morning so excited not only to treat patients but to show it to referral sources. Heck we even got to be the PT for our local Arena football team because of showing a few of the players TMR. If you are an owner I could not recommend this more. 

— Beth Bone PTA, Practice Owner

 I was skeptical my staff wouldn’t like this. I must have talked to Tom 4 times telling him why this won’t work in my clinic. To my surprise after my staff completed the level 1 seminar I saw them starting to implement it. Now almost a month later my entire staff is using it. And it took little to no intervention on my part. And this is only the beginning.

— Blayne Liparato PT, Practice Owner