ONE TIME OFFER - All 3 Seminars
One Time Fee - 48 total credit hours
  • ALL 3 SEMINARS - 16 credit hours each for a total of 48 credit hours. 
  • Take As Live Online or Home Study
  • A full 60 - 90 days access to our online platform to work at your own pace for each level.
  • The time to take all 3 classes can be spaced out without a time limit of when you can take them or take them all immediately to get all the knowledge to help your patients.
  • 1 on 1 personal attention from instructor via access to Voxer app

Only $995 til 12/31/21 for 100 Clinicians
1st 40 who purchase also get:

  • TMR Manual Therapy Class (this is probably one of the fastest ways to do manual therapy and can even be taught to the patient). This is a game changer for manual therapists.
  • TMR Spine Class - we take the press up that is typically used by Mckenzie therapists and TMR it to get 5 times the results. It is way cool to see
  • TMR Neck Class - you'll be shown how to use neck motions to change so many issues in the body. This one is too weird yet wonderful to see work.
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